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Dancing on a rainbow...

staring at the sky.

A dreamer dreams, she never dies
11 April 1988
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“He’s thrown a kettle over a pub, what have you done?”
(Gareth; The Office)

I am just me. I'm 21 and currently at university studying something that takes up far too much time for my TV centred lifestyle.

I am clumsy, disorganised and ever so slightly crazy. I'm sometimes clever and sometimes a ditz. I like to smile and spin and shiver and do all sorts of other strange things.

I am from the UK, and my political leanings tend toward the very liberal. If that bothers you I'm afraid this is not the place for you.

I am obsessive. I tend to post lots about my current fandom obsessions (currently Veronica Mars Firefly The Office House Battlestar Galactica Bones HIMYM many things) along with picture spam and some fairly incoherent squeeage.

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30 rock, amélie, andrew lee potts, anna maxwell martin, arrested development, battlestar galactica, bbc period dramas, black books, blackadder, bones, books, boys in socks, boys who make breakfast, bridget jones, britcoms, chief/boomer, chris/jal, chuck's wardrobe, cinema, cliff mccormack, coldplay, counting crows, cricket on the beach, david tennant, daydreaming, dead like me, disney, doctor who, dory, dvds, eating, emilie de ravin, empty days, england, falling with style, fanfiction, finding nemo, firefly, fireworks, football, friends, froot loops, gilmore girls, gossip girl, green wing, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hignfy, house, house/cuddy/wilson, hugh laurie, hugs, ice cream, innocent smoothies, jim halpert, jim/pam, john krasinski, josh/donna, junk food, kara thrace, kirsten/sandy, laughter, lilly kane, lilo & stitch, london, lord of the rings, lost, luke/lorelai, mal/inara, maths, mind controlling umbrellas, moony wormtail padfoot prongs!, movie marathons, movies, musical climaxes, musicals, mythology, nathan fillion, nmtb, people-watching, piano, pickle, pizza hut, post it notes, procrastination, pushing daisies, rain on skylights, reading, roger federer's personal magic, ron/hermione, roswell, ryan/taylor, ryan/theresa, scrubs, serenity, seth/summer, simon pegg, simon/kaylee, skins, sleeping through lectures, smiles, snoopy, snow, spaced, sparkly things, spinandkiss, starbuck/apollo, starbuck/everyone, stars, sunsets, sweet popcorn, tamora pierce, tennis, the killers, the oc, the office (uk/us), the shins, the tams, tim/dawn, top 100 shows, trashy australian soups, ugly betty, ust over rst, vancouver, veronica mars, veronica/logan, waking the dead, walking barefoot, wallace and gromit, watching too much tv, watching tv in bed, wimbledon, x-men